Chaire d'Analyse Appliquée

List of the topics covered during this 1997-1998 informal seminar:

Topic Lecturer  Affiliation
DNA structure John Maddocks DMA-EPFL
Mathematical description of the rod equations  John Maddocks DMA-EPFL
Static equilibria of closed DNA, comparison with circularization experiments Rob Manning DMA-EPFL
Dynamic equations for the rod: Langevin description Oscar Gonzalez DMA-EPFL
The basic assumptions of Langevin dynamics Gerard Ben Arous DMA-EPFL
An introduction to the topology of DNA, the linking number paradox Patrick Furrer DMA-EPFL
The knot invariants - the example of the Homfly polynomial  Chantal Oberson DMA-EPFL
The ideal representation of knots  Andrzej Stasiak LAU-UNIL
DNA by AFM, the Flory exponent Axelle Tapponnier IPE-UNIL
The DNA geometry - Link, Twist and Writhe Peter Buser DMA-EPFL
The Calugareanu-White equation and topological fluid magneto-mechanics Renzo Ricca Univ. College London
Dynamique brownienne de l'ADN surenroule  Pierre-Edouard Sottas LAU-UNIL
Global curvature of a closed curve and the ideal representation of knots Oscar Gonzalez DMA-EPFL
Symmetries and knots Akos Dobay LAU-UNIL
Protein profiles, a statistical tool for fishing homolog protein folding domains Nicolas Moeri DMA-EPFL
De la physique de l'ADN Richard Lavery IBPC-Paris
The flying cylinder and the worm Francesc Pinol LTS-EPFL

And a DNA reading list to support the seminar.

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