VBM is the result of a combination of a few different programming languages. The top-level program is written in Python, an object oriented scripting language (more information on Python can be found at the Python Home Page). The 3D rendering is done by DataViewer V2.0, a object oriented front end to the OpenGL API also developed at the Laboratory for Computation and Visualization in Mechanics. It can either be used as part of a standard X11 development environment (for example wrapped in a Motif interface) or as a Tk widget. This combination allows custom C++ modules to easily be written which perform general geometry rendering and computational tasks while the GUI design and basic data handling is performed in the scripting language. VBM supports animation, stereo viewing, the Logitech Magellan 6D mouse, as well as output to VRML.

VBM is available in binary form on the following architectures.

OpenGL versions are available for each of the above architectures. Versions using the OpenGL like library Mesa are also available if you don't have an OpenGL capable machine.

Please contact Randy Paffenroth for information on obtaining a copy.

The code can now be accessed through a CVS read-only repository. Note: this shows the current state of development of the program and is not a packaged distribution.

The current distribution package is now available. See the README file in the distribution for installation instructions. Note that this is the first public release of VBM and all of the installation problems have not been worked out yet. VBM has several requirements that are delineated in the README file. If you are able to get it to install on an unlisted system we would really like to know.

The current version of VBM uses AUTO (by Eusebius J. Doedel, et. al.) as one of it's computational engines. Dr. Doedel has kindly allowed us to distribute his program from this web site. For additional information you may look at the references in the BiBTex file available on these web pages. Finally the newest version of this program is available directly from him here.

Randy Paffenroth redrod@masg1.epfl.ch