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Visualization for Bifurcation Manifolds

Randy Paffenroth,

v0.2, Thu Dec 13 13:22:53 CET 2001

This is the user documentation of the Visualization for Bifurcation Manifolds (VBM) visualization and computational steering system. This manual provides a tutorial and user guide for all "stable" modules. More information on this software may be found at as well in the doctoral thesis of Randy Paffenroth on

1. Introduction

2. Running VBM

3. Tutorial

4. VBM File Format

5. VBM Core

6. Bifurcation Visualization Modules

7. Data Probe Modules

8. Developer Data Probe Modules

9. Compute Engines

10. Layered Compute Engines

11. Developer Compute Engines

12. Module Developer Information

13. Example Problems

14. Installation

15. Known Bugs

16. FAQ

17. Notes for LCVMM

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