Chaire d'Analyse Appliquée

Background and Terms and Conditions

The group consists of approximately 10 people plus diploma and semester students.  Positions are funded from a variety of sources, but are all paid on the Swiss Federal Scale. The exact level of salary depends upon age and experience, but is highly competitive, particularly for PhD appointments (even after allowing for the high Swiss cost of living). All appointments are made initially for a probationary period of 1 year (in some circumstances less), but with the expectation that the appointment will be renewed for an additional period. For PhD students the expectation is that the appointment would be renewed through completion of the degree (usually for a total of 3 to 4 years depending on starting experience), and for postdocs the expectation is that the appointment would be renewed for at least  a second year. There are limited possibilities for renewing some postdoctoral appointments for the third or further years.


The primary duty of all appointments is to perform research in the general area of the groups interests. In addition each of the group members is expected to contribute to the group's teaching responsibilities (for example through teaching Exercise classes and grading and preparing course material) and to contribute to the administration of the group (for example maintaining web pages, organizing seminars). The non-research duties may on average take up to 20 hours per week, but usually take substantially less, particularly out of semester.


The official language of the EPFL is French, and the majority of teaching is in French. However some classes are taught in English. French (and English) lessons for employees are available at EPFL at no charge (both short intensive courses and ongoing classes). The day to day working language of the research group is primarily English, and group publications and theses are written in English. In particular, neither fluency in French nor fluency in English is a requirement for these positions, although both are certainly helpful.

Computational facilities

The group computational facilities are excellent. In a dedicated computer lab there are several double-headed linux visualization workstations and a projection facility. All offices are equipped with desktop Linux and/or Windows PCs. There are both group and school computational clusters of various sizes and network speeds.

Application to an Ecole Doctorale

The EPFL has recently instigated several Ecole Doctorales and new PhD students joining the group must be separately admitted to an Ecole Doctorale. Current students are enrolled in either the Mathematics or the Biotechnology and Bioengineering Ecole Doctorales dependent upon their thesis research topics. Physics is another possibility. The application to the Ecole Doctorale is a separate process that the candidate must do themselves, either in parallel with an application to the LCVMM or after an employment offer in the LCVMM is made.

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