DataViewer planning and bug report

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This is a page with internal destination for the LCVM2 lab and its close collaborators. Anyone outside these categories is not concerned.

The purpose of this page is to keep everyone informed with the progress, plans and bugs in DataViewer otherwise than by emails that people may not read and keep. Everyone that has a bug to report about DataViewer or a suggestion to make about future development of the software is encouraged to send an email to

Your suggestion or bug report should rapidly appear on this page, in one of the 3 sections below.

The features on this list that have already been implemented are displayed in red.


Plan for DataViewer 2.2

Exporting DataViewer scenes to scene files, povray files and VRML.

Adding a scripted animation feature.

Plan for DataViewer 2.4

Correcting the background.

Making the DVtext class functional.

A complete SGML version of the reference manual.

Adding an include directive in the scene file format.

Adding a visibility property to each DVobject.

Implementing a scene file editor.

Implementing a C1 interpolation function for interpolation containers.

Defining named objects and colors in the scene files.

Open questions and bugs

Adding transparency.

Dana Vrajitoru

Last modified: November the 7th, 2000.