DataViewer Distribution and Specifications

DataViewer can either be used as a Tk widget in any language that you can use Tk. This combination allows custom C++ modules to easily be written which perform general geometry rendering and computational tasks while the GUI design and basic data handling is performed in the scripting language. DataViewer supports animation, stereo viewing, the Logitech Magellan 6D mouse, as well as output to VRML.

DataViewer is available in binary form on the following architectures.

Please contact Randy Paffenroth, Dana Vrajitoru or Phillippe Caussignac for information on obtaining a copy.

The current source distribution package is now available. See the README file in the distribution for installation instructions. We would appreciate any feedback you might have. If you have any questions you can contact Randy Paffenroth, Dana Vrajitoru or Phillippe Caussignac. The following links contain details about the installation on the following architectures:
Several packages are required to use DataViewer. We have provided here links to local copies which you can download as well as links to pages where more information and newer versions can be found.

PackageLocal copyHomepage
Tcl tcl8.0p2.tar.gz
Tk tk8.0p2.tar.gz
Python pyth151.tgz
egcs egcs-1.1b.tar.gz

Dana Vrajitoru
Last modified: November the 7th, 2000.