What's New

Scripted animation (November 2000)

Animation can now be done in DataViewer using Python scripts rather than hardcoding it in c++. This allows the current scene to evoluate in a more flexible way. For more details, see the user guide.

Extra buffer (November 2000)

An extra geometrical buffer has been added so that the current scene can be saved into it and compared with later results of the Draw function. For more details, see the user guide.

Exporting (September 2000)

DataViewer can now export the current scene to a variety of 2D and 3D formats, including scene files and POV-Ray. In particular, when exporting the scene to the POV-Ray format, the position of the output objects and camera corresponds almost perfectly to the position of the scene in DataViewer. The exporting features are available for all DataViewer applications. For more details, see the user guide.

User Guide (September 17 1999)

The user guide for DataViewer is now available in the documentation section. This manual describes the features of the program that are common to all its applications.

Scene Files (January 7 1999)

A new demostration module has been added to the DataViewer distribution which is usable for a wide range of problems. It provides an input file format for DataViewer objects so that scenes may be developed without writting C++ code. A reference is available in the documentation section.

Packages (October 1 1998)

DV and its demos have several prerequisite packages that need to be installed. All of the required software can now be found on the availability page. The versions available there will be ones which are known to work with DataViewer, but are perhaps not the newest. Pointers will also be provided to where one can get new versions if you so desire.

Release (July 14 1998)

The first public release of DataViewer is now available! It can be found on the availability page.
Dana Vrajitoru dana.vrajitoru@epfl.ch
Last modified: November the 7th, 2000.