Major VBM Presentations

There was a presentation of this program at the International Congress of Mathematicians in Berlin on Friday August 21st, 1998 in the Special Session on Mathematical Software. An HTML version of the presentation is available online.

There is also a conference presentation for the 3rd SOS Workshop

VBM Publications

The main emphasis of the publications here are the VBM software and its uses. For publications detailing the mathematical theory and application modeling in the examples you may click on the following links.

Rod Models of DNA
Stability of Relative Equilibriaand MC2
Bibtex references to external articles referred to in this web page

When consulting the references below please note that recently the capabilities of a postprocessing program called PCR and an interactive computation program called AvA were combined in the code now called VBM.

Interactive Computation, Parameter Continuation, and Visualization

John Maddocks, Robert Manning, Randy Paffenroth, Kathleen Rogers, and Jeremy Warner
(International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos, 7 (1997) 1699)
A description of various software packages and algorithms including several precursors to VBM.

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Case study: Visualization for Boundary Value Problems

Gabor Domokos and Randy Paffenroth
(In R. D. Bergeron and A. E. Kaufman, editors, IEEE Visualization '94 Conference Proceedings, page 345-348. IEEE Computer Society Press, 1994)

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PCR - A Visualization Tool for Multi-point Boundary Value Problems

Gabor Domokos and Randy Paffenroth
(Technical Note BN-1167, Institute for Physical Science and Technology, University of Maryland, College Park)

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