File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
experimental/pngmanip/colors.h [code]
experimental/pngmanip/plot_funcs.h [code]
experimental/pngmanip/pngwrite.h [code]
experimental/s3viz/s3viz.cppVisualize a curve in S^3 in two balls in R^3
experimental/thickness/include/curvealgos.h [code]
experimental/thickness/include/minsegdist.h [code]
experimental/thickness/include/segdist.h [code]
fourierknots/fourier_3_1.h [code]
fourierknots/fourier_4_1.h [code]
fourierknots/fourier_5_1.h [code]
fourierknots/fourier_8_18.h [code]
fourierknots/fourier_syn.h [code]
include/Biarc.h [code]
include/Curve.h [code]
include/CurveBundle.h [code]
include/Matrix3.h [code]
include/Matrix4.h [code]
include/PKFmanip.h [code]
include/Tube.h [code]
include/TubeBundle.h [code]
include/Vector3.h [code]
include/Vector4.h [code]
include/utils/qr.h [code]
include/utils/timer.h [code]
inventor/gui.h [code]
inventor/main.h [code]
inventor/mainwindow.h [code]
inventor/plotzoom.h [code]
inventor/pp.h [code]
inventor/pt.h [code]
inventor/SoKnot.h [code]
inventor/trefoil_builder.h [code]
inventor/tt.h [code]
inventor/utils.h [code]
inventor/viewer.h [code]
inventor/xyzview.cppVisualize a closed data file
objects/aux.h [code]Auxiliary routines that produce particular curves
objects/bone.cppConstructs a bone shaped curve
objects/borromean.cppConstructs the borromean rings
objects/circle.cppConstructs a circle
objects/crouzy.cppConstructs a crouzy curve ;)
objects/ellipse.cppConstructs an ellipse
objects/helix.cppConstructs a helical curve
objects/hopf.cppConstructs a hopf links
objects/inf.cppConstructs an infinity shaped curve
objects/knottable.cppConstruct a table of curves
objects/line.cppProduces a file with a PKF line
objects/random.cppGenerate a "random" curve
objects/sinus.cppConstructs a Sinusoidal PKF curve
objects/solenoid.cppConstructs a solenoid like curve
objects/spiral.cppConstructs a Spiral PKF file
objects/stadium.cppConstructs a stadium curve
objects/torusknot.cppConstructs a (p,q) torus knot
objects/torusknot4.cppConstructs a (p,q) torus knot on a torus in R^4
objects/trefoil.cppApproximated trefoil with arcs of circles ..
tools/align.cppOrient a pkf curve according to a given axes
tools/angle_condition.cppCheck the angle condition for an ideal knot. input file : s sigma tau ..
tools/angle_principal_normal_contacts.cppPrints angle between contact chords and principal normal to stdout
tools/angle_vs_arclength.cppPrints the arclength and for that arclength the angle between the normal vector and the "2" contact struts
tools/arcdist.cppProgram for testing purpose only
tools/arcs2polygonal.cppConvert an arc curve to a polygonal curve
tools/biarccli.cppBiarc command line interface
tools/billiard_poly.cppConstruct billiard polygon
tools/centerandnormalise.cppCenter and normalize a closed PKF curve
tools/circle_for_f31.cppGiven eps, compute using 3 points the radius and center of circle
tools/clif_tref_contactset.cppCompute the contact set and surface (iv file) for the clifford trefoil in S^3
tools/closest_neighbour.cppReconstruct the curve using the nearest point algo
tools/contacts2inventor.cppConvert contact chords to obj/iv file
tools/contacts2sigma.cppContact chords to sigma(s) and tau(s)
tools/contacts_s3tor3.cppProject contact chords from S^3 to R^3
tools/contactset.cppCompute the contact chords for a given knot
tools/convolutionfilter.cppSmooth a curve using a local gaussian convolution filter
tools/curvature.cppOutputs the curvature of a biarc curve
tools/curvature4.cppOutputs the curvature of a biarc curve in R^4
tools/curvesplit.cppSplit a "closed" curve into segments for given arclength values
tools/extract_sigma.cppAdvancing within a small neighbournood try to extract sigma(s)
tools/extract_sigma_max.cppFind local max in pt valley
tools/filter_nodes.cppFilter a PKF curve. I.e. remove points that are too close to some neighbour
tools/flatten.cppProject curve onto 2D plane
tools/follow_contact.cppStarting at some point on the curve, follow the contacts to depth max_level
tools/inertiatensor.cppCompute the inertia tensor and principal axes
tools/info.cppComputes Arc-length, center of mass, thickness (approx), ropelength (aprox) info of a PKF curve
tools/info4.cppComputes Arc-length, center of mass, thickness (approx), ropelength (aprox) info of a PKF curve (S^3)
tools/inversion_in_sphere.cppInversion in sphere at center c and radius r of a curve
tools/length.cppArc-length of a PKF curve
tools/link_thickness.cppCompute thickness of a CurveBundle
tools/map.cppMap one curve to another
tools/mesh4stokes.cppProduce a tube mesh from a curve and write that to a file
tools/nana.cppTest program
tools/perturb.cppPerturb a curve
tools/pkf2java.cppRead data from a PKF file, produce a tubular mesh for each curve in the file and write it as C/C++/Java arrays
tools/pkf2mesh.cppRead data from a PKF file, produce a tubular mesh for each curve in the file and write that to a file
tools/pkf2obj.cppPkf to obj format. obj file has correct uv texture coords
tools/pkf2ply.cppPkf to mesh to stanford ply format
tools/pkf2stl.cppRead data from a PKF file, produce a tubular mesh for each curve in the file and write that to an STL file
tools/pkf2xyz.cppConvert PKF file to XYZ coordinates
tools/pkfframe.cppGenerate a framing along the curve
tools/plotslice.cppWrite a pt plot cross section at a given arclength
tools/plotslice4.cppWrite a pt plot cross section at a given arclength (S^3)
tools/pointat.cppWrites point/tangent at Curve(s), for s arclength and s in [0,1] to the standart output
tools/projected_dij.cppCompute $\sum_{i \neq j} d_{i,j}$ and $\sum_{i \neq j} d_{i,j}^{-1}$ of a given projection
tools/ptcircles.cppResample an open or closed PKF curve
tools/r3tos3.cppProject a curve in R^3 to S^3
tools/redo_tangents.cppRecompute tangents using only the data points
tools/refine.cppRefine/Resample a part of an open or closed PKF curve
tools/reorder.cppReorder the nodes of a curve, so that the first points of the 2 curves are the closest possible
tools/resample.cppResample an open or closed PKF curve
tools/resample4.cppResample an open or closed PKF curve (R^4)
tools/reverse_direction.cppChange the orientation of the curve
tools/rotate_curve.cppRotate curve about axis v by angle a
tools/s3tor3.cppProject a curve on S^3 back to R^3
tools/s_sigma_angles.cppProgram for testing purpose only
tools/setcenter.cppReset the mass center of PKF curve
tools/shuffle.cppRandomize/shuffle a curve
tools/sigma2contact.cppFrom a sigma(s) function, generate the contact struts
tools/sigma2inventor.cppConvert 2D sigma(s) to iv or obj file
tools/sigma_and_tau_contacts.cppExtract contact functions sigma(s) and tau(s)
tools/sigma_composition.cppCompute $^k(s)$. input file : s sigma tau ..
tools/tangent_indicatrix.cppWrite the tangent indicatrix of a given (open or closed) curve to a PKF file. Tangents for the tangent indicatrix are interpolated, therefore strange points like cusps would not be visible! The default is for an open curve, for closed curves put the -closed switch
tools/torsion.cppOutputs the torsion of a biarc curve
tools/xyz2pkf.cppConvert XYZ coordinates to PKF

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