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Workshop on Atomistic to Continuum Models 

for Long Molecules and Thin Films 


at the Center Stefano Franscini
Monte Verità
Ascona, Switzerland 

Dates : July 15-20, 2001 

Titles and abstracts of the talks 

Titles and abstracts of the posters 

Program of the Conference 

Link to online WEB page Registration Invited speakers and participants please complete by June 25th. Due to space constraints, attendance at this work shop is by invitation only. If you would like to attend please email to the conference Chairman via the Conference Secretary.


    Organizing Committee


    We wish to thank the following for their generous contributions to the success of this conference:
    Center Stefano Franscini
    European Office of Aerospace Research and Development
    Air Force Office of Scientific Research
    United States Air Force Research Laboratory
    United States Office of Naval Research, Europe. 
    European Science Foundation - Programme SIMU
    Department of Mathematics, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL)

    Workshop objectives

    This workshop will address mathematical and computational issues arising in bridging the gaps in length and time scales between atomistic descriptions and reduced-order continuum mechanics models of scientifically and technologically important molecular systems. The conference will be focussed on systems that have both a small and a long length scale. Examples are long stiff polymers such as DNA, and thin films of only a few atoms thickness but large extent. An abstract aimed at a general scientific audience can be found both in an English Version and an Italian Version. (The language of the workshop will be English.) The full text of the original Scientific Proposal is also available. 

    Scientific Programme

    The conference will start with a Reception and Dinner on Sunday evening the 15th. Between Monday morning and lunch time Friday there are planned to be approximately two dozen talks of approximately 40 minutes duration. The talks will be split among three inter-related topics:

  • Long thin molecules.
  • Wide thin films.
  • The role and theory of rapid oscillations and constraints.



    In each area the speakers will be divided between those whose background is primarily in Molecular Dynamics and Atomistic Models, and those whose background is primarily Continuum Mechanics and Mathematics. Speakers will be encouraged to include some introductory material targeted at members of the `other' community. 

    The number of talks and number of attendees (a total attendance of approximately 50 is planned) have been chosen to allow ample time for extensive scientific discussions outside of the formal presentations.  In addition to the invited  lectures all participants will have the opportunity to display a scientific poster. 

    Conference location

    The workshop will take place in the Center Stefano Franscini (CSF), which is a residential conference centre located in a big park about twelve minutes walk above the town of Ascona on Lake Maggiore in the Italian speaking Ticino Canton of Switzerland south of the Alps. 


    Detailed travel information is available from the Monte Verità Center web site or in a more detailed version from the page of another Mte Verita conference travel page (thank you to their organizer Jean Favre of CSCS!). Check back here close to the conference date for details of a planned shuttle bus service to run from the Locarno train station to the Mte Verita Conference center on Sunday the 15th July. 

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