Knots, random walks and biomolecules

Location : Hotel Victoria in Les diablerets.
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Les Diablerets, 14th - 17th of July 2003

Organizers : Andrzej Stasiak & John Maddocks

Monday 14
19h - 20h30Dinner  
 20h30 - 21h00John MaddocksWelcome
 21h00 - 21h30Alain GorielyPacking, twisting, writhing, and knotting in bacteria, plants, seashells, and umbilical Cords
Tuesday 15
 08h30 - 10h00
Thickness & ideal shapes I
Eric Rawdon Polygonal Ropelength
Rob Kusner On thickness, ropelength and packing density
John SullivanThe tight clasp
10h00 - 10h30Coffee break 
10h30 - 12h00
Thickness & ideal shapes II
Gregory Buckt.b.a.
Oguz DurumericEvery ideal knot in R^3 must have a tight crossing
Heiko von der MoselNecessary conditions for ideal knots
12h00 - 14h00Lunch 
14h00 - 16h30
Thickness & ideal shapes III
Yuanan DiaoThe spectrum of the minimum ropelengths of nontrivial knots
Jason CantarellaThe gradient flow for ropelength in theory and computation
Jana Smutny Computation of ideal shapes with Biarcs
Ben LaurieThe Joy of Annealing
Eugene StarostinA constructive approach to modelling the ideal shapes of some linked structures
16h30 - 17h00Coffee break 
17h00 - 19h00
Physical characterization of knots
Andrew BelmonteSelf-knotting and unknotting of a shaken hanging chain
Jorge SchvartzmanKnotting  of  DNA  Replication  intermediates in vivo
Giovanni DietlerNumerical simulation of gel electrophoresis of DNA knots
Oscar GonzalezSedimentation dynamics of rigid, knotted filaments
19h15 - 21h00Dinner
21h00 - 21h45
Special Lecture
Alexander GrosbergKnots and Scaling: recent and not-so-recent results
Wednesday 16
08h30 - 10h30
Scaling of random walks and random knots
Corinne CerfLinear relations between writhe and minimal crossing number in Conway families of ideal knots and links
Tetsuo DeguchiEntropic expansion of random links
Akos DobayThe Average Crossing Number of Equilateral Random Polygons
Kenneth MillettLocal Scaling Transitions near Equilateral Knots
10h30 - 11h00Coffee break 
11h00 - 12h00
DNA knotting and packing in phage heads
Steve HarveyPackaging Dynamics and Knotting in Double-Stranded Phage DNA
Cristian Micheletti Thermodynamics of DNA packaging inside a viral capsid: the role of DNA intrinsic thickness
12h00 - ??h Excursion Glacier 3000
19h00-21h00 Dinner 
Thursday 17
08h30 - 10h00
Proteins' packing and knotting
Amos MaritanWhat determines the native state folds of proteins ?
Gustavo ArtecaPolymer shape dynamics during folding-unfolding transitions
William Taylor Protein folds, knots and tangles
10h00 - 10h30Coffee break 
10h30 - 12h00
Random and non-random DNA knotting
Francesco ValleAtomic Force Microscopy of complex DNA knots
Robert Bao Behaviour of complex knots in single DNA molecules
Andrzej Stasiak Topisomerase-inspired approach explains why distinct types of random knots with similar complexity form with different probability.
12h00 - 12h30
Closing talk
John MaddocksReal knots
12h30 - 13h00 Concluding discussion 
13h00 - 14h00Lunch