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Due to space constraints, attendance at this work shop is by invitation only. If you would like to attend please email to the conference Chairman via the Conference Secretary.

Workshop on Nanomechanics of Biomolecules


In addition to the core funding from the Center Stephano Franscini supplementary funding for this conference has been provided by the ESF Programme SimBioMa, Matheon, the IMB-EPFL and the FSB-EPFL.

Matheon SimBioMa FSB and IMB

Centro Stefano Franscini
August 20-25 2006

Above the town of Ascona, on Lake Maggiore in the Italian speaking Ticino Canton of Switzerland south of the Alps.

Organizing Committee

John Maddocks, Applied Mathematics, EPF-Lausanne (Chair)
Richard James, Mechanics,
U. of Minnesota, Minneapolis
Richard Lavery, Biophysical Chemistry, CNRS, Paris
Michael Levitt, Computational Structural Biology, Stanford
Phil Nelson, Biophysics,
U. Penn, Philadelphia
Rob Phillips, Applied Physics, CalTech, Pasadena
Christof Schuette, Mathematics and Bioinformatics, Free University, Berlin
Jon Widom, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Northwestern, Chicago


There is an ever increasing amount of experimental and simulation data involving the nano-scale deformations of biomolecules which has lead to an increased understanding that their mechanical properties, e.g. the stiffnesses or rigidities and intrinsic shapes, plays an important part in their biological function. This conference will focus on analytical, computational and experimental approaches to understanding such multi-scale properties of biological macromolecules.

Italian version

Un numero crescente di dati sperimentali e di simulazioni numeriche sulle deformazioni su scala nanometrica di macromolecole biologiche, ha confermato che le proprietà meccaniche delle stesse, quali la flessibilità, e la configurazione intrinseca, svolgono un ruolo fondamentale nel determinarne la funzionalità biologica. Il convegno esaminerà e metterà a confronto gli approcci teorici, computazionali e sperimentali utilizzati per descrivere e interpretare tali proprietà multiscala delle macromolecole biologiche.


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