Chaire d'Analyse Appliquée

Research Activity

Note: generally we are too busy *doing* research to revise the web pages *describing* the research so the details in the descriptive parts of these pages are woefully out of date. However the list of group publications is kept pretty much current, and the general lines of group research remain largely the same as described here.

The group is currently involved in the following research activities:

The first area forms by far the largest part of our activities. The continuation and visualization software that is being developed in the second project is an independent project, although it is used in part of our work on modelling DNA, and the demands of the DNA application, guide the development of the software. The third area has anecdotally emerged from discussing ideal shapes of knots with Andrzej Stasiak and Jacques Dubochet (University of Lausanne).

Group members also have their personal research pages which you can access through their individual home pages.

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