cgDNAmc is a C++ code for running Monte Carlo simulations of DNA molecules within the cgDNA coarse grain model. To download and for instructions for installation and how to run the code please refer to the on-line documentation. Alternatively see the ZIP archive:
(6.4MB, md5: f67ffcda9844f4f2391e3300c559710f)

The parameter set used in the simulations is available in a text format suitable for use with the cgDNAmc code: cgDNAparamset2.txt.
A Matlab™/Octave script for outputting analogous text files from other Matlab parameter sets is also available (see the Download™ section of the on-line documentation).


cgDNA is a package of Matlab™/Octave scripts, and to be able to use them, you first have to have installed on your computer system either:

The documentation for either software describes how to run scripts within their respective environments.