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The library and tools are intended to be used to manipulate and analyse open and closed curves and knot shapes. A viewer application called curview is also included for visualization.

Mercurial repositories

Clone the static Mercurial repository with

  hg clone static-


The software has been developed in a linux environment. It has successfully been tested and used on Linux and Apple's OSX, but not in Microsoft Windows.

For the viewer program Qt 4 and Coin3D, SoQt need to be available.
In the cloned directory libbiarc/ type


to build the library and a subset of the tools.


There is no system wide installation performed. It is recommended to tell the system where the library and the tools are, for example
  export LIBBIARC=/path/to/libbiarc
  export PATH=$PATH:$LIBBIARC/tools:$LIBBIARC/inventor

Apple OS X Binaries

The source code currently available in the hg repository can not produce an OSX binary with a little work. The following links are binary executables compiled on OSX 10.5.5. It includes the tools/ and objects/ directories. The viewer curview is also included. Download the .dmg below and drag and drop the libbiarc/ directory to the Application Folder. The viewer program is in the libbiarc/ directory.

Download OSX intel binaries [13MB] (built on Leopard 10.5.5)
(Version 0.2) (Version 0.1)

To use the command line tools/ and objects/ you might need to set the DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable to path_to_libbiarc/lib.

PDF Documentation

A pdf version of the documentation can be found here.

Source tar balls

A source code tar ball of the latest release can be downloaded here (tgz) or here (tbz2).

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